Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Clean Eating Farmers Market Chicken Salad

Farmers Market Chicken Salad
Serving Size: 1

1 – 4 oz chicken breast, thawed, cubed
1 sliced carrots
2 sliced celery
1 bell pepper, sliced and cut in half (any color)
½ white onion, sliced and cut in half or diced (personal preference)
1 Roma tomato, diced
½ cup red cabbage, chopped
2 cups mixed greens with fresh spinach
1 small/mini English cucumber, cut in sliced
1 tsp Ms. Dash
1 tsp coconut oil
drizzle of balsamic vinegar

In a small saute’ pan add the coconut oil and heat. Add the carrots, celery, peppers, and onions. Saute’ until onions are turning translucent. Add the chicken and cook until the chicken is cooked through (no more pink).  Set aside to cool.
In a bowl or on a plate add the mixed greens, cucumber, cabbage, and tomato. Top with the cooled chicken mixture. Lightly drizzle with balsamic vinegar. Eat. J

*Note: if the taste of red cabbage is too over powering, you can cook it with the other veggies. This will still be very tasty while, removing some of the bite to the red cabbage.

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