Friday, April 29, 2011

Potato Rolls

I got this recipe from a sister in my ward. She made these for an activity and I HAD to have the recipe. They are so delicious, soft, and perfect! I thought I had already added this recipe to my collection on here. I guess I didn't, because I can't find it. So, even if it's here, I'll repost. It's worth it. I hope you make these and enjoy them as much as we do.

Potato Rolls
4 cups hot water
2 Tbsp yeast
1 Tbsp salt
1/2 cup sugar
3 eggs
2 cups potato flakes
1 stick of margarine/butter
4 cups flour
3-5 cups flour

Step 1:
Pour 4 cups hot water into mixer. Sprinkle 2 Tbsp yeast over top of water. Add 1 Tbsp salt. Add 1/2 cup of sugar. (you don't need to stir this. Just sprinkle the yeast over the water evenly, then pour the salt ans sugar over the yeast evenly.  It will force the yeast to the bottom) Let sit for approx 5 minutes, until slightly foamy.

Step 2:
Add 3 eggs, 2 cups potato flakes, margarine or butter, and 4 cups flour - use dough hook - beat 5 min.

Step 3:
Add 3-5 cups more flour. (I usually add 4. If it is humid you may need to add a little more. The dough will be quite sticky, but smooth in appearance.)

Step 4:
Use a plastic spatula to remove dough. Pour into a large tupperware or plastic bowl sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. Cover lightly with lid or plastic wrap that has also been sprayed. Let rise 1 hour.

Step 5:
Sprinkle a little flour over the top of the dough and gently pat down to release some of the air. Divide into 5 portions. Using a lot of flour on your board, pat out or roll out each portion of dough into a circle. Use a pizza cutter to cut it into 8 slices (or triangles). Roll each slice beginning at the large end to make a crescent. Pinch the ends together to make it more round. Place rolls onto greased baking sheet. I fit 20 per 10X15 pan. Batch makes two pans, 40 total. Cover loosely with a cloth, or with plastic wrap sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. Let rise 1 hour. *If you have excessive flour on the rolls, just brush them off with a little pastry brush before baking them.* Bake 400F for 12 minutes. Check bottoms of rolls with a spatula to make sure they are slightly browned.

The most important ingredients are yeast and flour. Use SAF Instant Yeast or other good yeast and Unbleached flour.

Dough is very sticky, but that is what makes good rolls. Make sure you beat the dough at least a total of 7 minutes - 5 minutes with first addition of flour, and at least 2 more minutes with second addition of flour.

You can make this recipe into cinnamon rolls, bake at 350F for 20-30 minutes. the higher temperature makes them too tough.


HEAVENLY! absolutely Heaven in a bread! light and fluffy, sweet and mmmm heaven! I have not tried these as cinnamon rolls. I may have to split the batch to make half rolls and half cinnamon rolls. Love these!

Sweet, Tangy Chicken

This was what I made in the slow cooker last night. I will be eating it for lunch today. My intention was to serve this for dinner, but we ended up going out to dinner. Why you might ask since I had food in the slow cooker. Well... Yesterday was spent at the car dealership. I was in a car accident two weeks ago. My vehicle was totaled, and I needed another car. I didn't want to have a payment, but nothing worked out to get a vehicle without a payment. We were helped by my husband's WONDERFUL parents. They helped us get into a safe family car. We are so blessed. We can afford the payment, and we will be working hard to pay it off quickly. We want to repay their kindness by getting this off as quickly as possible. Well, long story short. We also got a check from the insurance company for what my vehicle was worth that we put part of it on as a down payment on the vehicle. We decided to go out to dinner since it was easier. My brain couldn't function after all the stress. So, tonight will be leftover, but the kids don't know it's leftovers. :) They never saw it. I'm going to try to make my potato rolls to go with it like sandwiches. They will enjoy it. I'm going to shred my sweet tangy chicken to go on the rolls. mmm my mouth is watering already. That's usually a good sign. One of the things I like about this recipe is that it has a fruit component to it. My kids don't even know.


1 can cranberry sauce (whole berry or non)
1/2 bottle of creamy French dressing or Catalina dressing
1 package dry italian dressing mix
3 lbs chicken tenders (boneless, skinless)

In slow cooker place cranberry sauce, french dressing and italian dressing mix in and stir to incorporate all ingredients, then add the chicken tenders moving them around so the mixture is around each tender. Cook on low for 4-6 hrs until the chicken tenders are cooked through, then remove the tenders, shredding with two forks. Then replace back in the slow cooker on warm. til ready to serve.

Serve on rolls, toast, mashed potatoes, pasta or even on a bed of salad greens.

These are tasty, tangy and sweet. The sweetness comes from a combination of the cranberry sauce and the french dressing. The tang comes from the french dressing, the seasoning and the cranberry sauce. A great combination and an easy healthier meal. :) Enjoy :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pesto Tilapia with a Pesto Alfredo Orzo

Tonight was the ending of a very busy day. I am surprised that my brain and my head hasn't exploded... I am trying to find a car we can afford after my vehicle accident. So, I also started my last term towards my associates degree, with three classes. On top of that I had a job interview today, first one in two years. It felt really good. Then we had spanish club and liberty bowl club for the boys after school, then pack meeting for cub scouts. And my husband is working late tonight. So dinner, is not the typical dinner, but still some of it is mostly scratch. The fish was delicious, the orzo was very creamy and flavorful.

I am really loving pesto. I guess its some sort of pesto faze but it is so tasty. And I'm loving all of the delicious things that go with it.

Ingredients for Pesto Tilapia
7 tilapia filets
1 1/2 cup italian seasoned breadcrumbs
4 Tbsp olive oil and 4 Tbsp margarine or butter
1/2 tsp of pesto per tilapia filets
Salt and pepper to taste

* do not dry the tilapia filets. Mix salt and pepper in the italian seasoned breadcrumbs, then dredge the tilapia filets in the italian breadcrumbs, (their natural moisture will help the breadcrumbs stick). Then heat the oil and butter/margarine in a saucepan til bubbly. Then add the filets to the bubbly oil mixture and don't move until they are browning on the edges, then flip the fish and continue to cook one or two minutes longer. (the filets cook fast). I placed them on a foil lined jelly roll pan (cookie sheet) and then spread the pesto on to the fish and place in an oven at 325F for about 5 minutes to make sure the fish is nice and flaky.

Ingredients for the Pesto Alfredo Orzo
1 lb orzo
1 bottle garlic parmesan Alfredo (ragu)
1 Tbsp pesto (a little goes a long way)

Cook the orzo according to package directions or until your taste. Then drain off the water. Add the pesto and Alfreo sauce to the same pan, stir. Then add the orzo and stir to incorporate. and serve warm.

Delicious and flavorful!

I loved it, One of my son's had two pieces of fish, my husband had 3 pieces. I'd say the fish was a HIT! and then the Orzo is delicious and creamy! a win for a quick dinner :)

Just what I needed to end the day!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Dinner

Our Easter Dinner 2011
Shrimp cocktail, breaded pesto chicken, instant mashed potatoes and sweetened corn-microwavable

I know most of you are thinking that I would have some delicious, wonderful dinner prepared. Unfortunately, that was not the case this Easter. I had a final due in one of my classes, and spent most of the day preparing and finishing the paper, after I went to church. That, and when I went to purchase a ham or lamb at the grocery store, they were all sold out. I guess when you snooze you loose. :( I thought I'd have time, I guess I was wrong. So instead, we had my shrimp cocktail, breaded pesto chicken cutlets, instant mashed potatoes, and sweetened corn (cooked in the microwave). I know some of you may be thinking that sounds pretty awesome... It was. It took me about 45 minutes to make. All in all it was a nice dinner, we all sat around the table having dinner and eating shrimp cocktail. I know it was our little extravagance for Easter...shrimp cocktail.  Unfortunately, no pictures were taken of dinner. But it was very delicious... I will try to do better with pictures of my meals. I have been just a little more lax on that part lately since I'm so busy with school. I will get a little busier these next 9 weeks, as I finish up my last three classes to complete my associates degree. I will hopefully be able to get back to making delicious meals with pictures by then. I may have more slow cooker meals coming your way as I'll be very busy with the kids finishing their school for the year, my final term in school, and to top it all off, I may be starting a new job... pray I get it. I could really use the experience :) I have included the recipe for the sweetened corn. It's heavenly!

Sweetened Corn - Microwavable

1 bag frozen white corn kernels
2-3 Tsp white sugar
1/4 cup milk
1/2 stick of butter/margarine

In a medium microwavable bowl, add the white corn kernels with the butter, set the microwave on full power, and microwave for 3 minutes, take out of the microwave, then add the milk and sugar. Then stir to incorporate the sugar and milk. Then microwave another 4 minutes. Stoping the time at 2 minutes and stirring again. Check temperature of the corn, may need 2 more minutes to cook. (depending on the temperature of your microwave), Serve as a side dish. Delicious.

VERDICT - My kids and husband said it tasted like it was straight off the cob, and oh so sweet. They LOVED it!