Monday, May 23, 2011

Honey Oat & Wheat Bread (Bread maker)

As I have a chicken and wild rice dish in the slow cooker. I decided that some fresh bread would go well with it. As I'm sick, I don't have the energy to make my homemade bread from scratch today. So, luckily, I have a bread maker. I decided to have it work for me. Therefore, I can have fresh bread tonight with dinner, from scratch, where I didn't have to "work" for it. That's working smarter not harder... right. I'm surprised that my brain is working enough for me to figure that out on my own. :)

I have been loving the oat breads that I've been making lately, but wanted something using wheat flour, as I have a TON and I need to use it up. So, I found this recipe online. And it sounded wonderful. She uses all organic. I don't. I removed the organic. I read through the comments and adjusted where I felt it needed adjusting. Here's hoping it turns out delicious. It sounds delicious to me. I plan on making two of these today.


    1 1/4 C warm water (NOT HOT) 1 Tbsp olive oil  1/3 C honey  1 tsp salt  1 C Rolled Oats  2 C Whole Wheat flour 1 C unbleached Bread Flour  1 tsp yeast
    2 tsp vital wheat gluten

Add ingredients to bread machine in order (Unless your bread maker calls for flour first)
Use white bread cycle - I go with Medium crust
for a softer crust wrap with plastic wrap right away - the steam softens the crust

12 - 1 slice servings (including ends)

Makes a great sandwich bread and really yummy toast! 

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