Sunday, January 23, 2011

London Broil Sandwich with BBQ Mayo

After church today I wanted to make a nice lunch for the family, since church was from 11am-2pm. My husband and I didn't have breakfast, and then lunch would be late. So I wanted to have a quick filling lunch. I noticed that my london broil needed cooked. So I told him in about 20 min lunch would be ready... I wasn't kidding. It was a really, really, easy lunch and way yummy.

London Broil
McCormick Montreal Steak seasoning
BBQ sauce

Preheat the broiler.chris cross score both sides of the london broil. generously sprinkle the steak seasoning on all sides of the london broil and rub in. Place on broiling pan, and broil on high for 7 min on the first side, then flip and broil on hight for another 8 min for medium rare. Remove from broiler. Then let rest for 5 min.

While resting, mix equal parts mayo and bbq sauce. slice tomatoes, and rinse lettuce. On my rolls which are homemade, I toasted them on a griddle for added flavor and crunch.

This was an amazing sandwich. So yummy and quick. Just what the doctor ordered for us today. A hit all around. Enjoy!

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