Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cranberry Brisket - Slow Cooker

This one's for you Bonnie....

I read a couple brisket crock pot recipes from 365 Crockpot and one of them used cranberry sauce and another one used liquid smoke, A1 Steak sauce, I thought, I bet they would be good semi combined... so, I made up my own, cranberry brisket recipe.

1 quarter brisket (approx. 1-3 lb.)
8-10 oz of jellied cranberries
3-4 sprinkles of liquid smoke
Steak seasoning - enough to cover all sides of brisket
6-7 dashes of Worcestershire sauce
A1 Steak sauce - enough to cover top side of brisket


Trim most of the fat off of the brisket. Leave some on for flavoring...Sprinkle Steak seasoning all over the brisket, all sides should be covered. Place in the crock pot
(I used my 6 quart) fat side up... sprinkle the Worchestershire sauce on the brisket, then the liquid smoke, Then pour the A1 Steak sauce on the brisket. Next add the jellied cranberries to the pot... spreak some on the brisket and around the brisket in the crock pot. Then any remaining room in the crock pot cover with foil to keep the smoke closer to the brisket. Set on low for 8-10 hrs, or high 3-4 hours. When finished, you can pull or slice.


No leftovers! I had two helpings myself. My pickiest eater... Mikey... He ate his first helping, then filled his whole plate with more... Then proceeded to eat the rest... He at at least 2 adult portions.. if not more. This was a really tasty dinner. My husband said it was nummy.... The other two boys ate theirs up with no complaints either. That's a win in my book. Easy and no fuss. Can't beat that... little to no clean up if you use the crock pot liners too... We served this with rice, corn and rolls. :)

And I'm sorry, once again, forgot to get pictures. I'll try to do better. :) Busy with finals this week, I'm all messed up... :)

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