Monday, November 29, 2010

Pasta Carbonara with peas

My favorite pasta sauce is carbonara... what's not to love, creamy white sauce with bacon (or bacon substitute) and cheesy goodness... I know dreaming of yummy sauciness right now! ah... ok little drooling over,... maybe. As I dream in cheesy, creamy bacon filled pasta sauce.... I decided to do a little semi-homemade from scratch dinner, quick and easy while still being full of yummy flavor. Such a simple easy recipe... it's fool proof... well practically. So, After a HUGE thanksgiving meal, I wanted something quick, easy and delicious. I wanted pasta...I checked the cupboard for what I had on hand... luckily for me... I almost always have on hand spaghetti sauce, pasta noodles, and some kind of additive to make it just a little more special... I looked through my stash of goodies... and found a hidden bottle of garlic parmesan cheese sauce... (white sauce to my kids). And then I had a genius moment.... I know rare for me... I haven't had carbonara sauce in a long time... I thought, it can't be that hard,... can it... especially since the pasta sauce is practically finished... I had cooked up bacon during lunch thinking it would be good for BLT's or added to a turkey sandwich (yes I'm still eating leftover turkey)... I bake my bacon in the oven for 400F for about 15-20 min, turning over about half way through. This keeps the shape of the bacon pretty well, and less splatter on me and my counters. It is a trick I learned on the FoodNetwork channel. So with the already cooked, drained bacon, a jar of pasta sauce... a pound of noodles and a can of sweet peas... Dinner was done :)

1 lb pasta of choice cooked al dente
1 jar of Ragu garlic parmesan cheese sauce
3/4 lb bacon - cooked, drained and chopped
1 bag of frozen sweet peas (thawed and drained) or 1 can sweet peas

In a small sauce pan, while the pasta is cooking in salted water, add the pasta sauce, bacon and peas. Simmer until the bacon becomes pliable again. (if your bacon was cooked to crunchy as my son calls it) The bacon will infuse the sauce with a bacon flavor... about 5-7 min... about that time the pasta should be done cooking. Once the pasta is drained, add the pasta sauce to the pasta and mix well, incorporating the bacon and peas throughout the pasta, then serve and sprinkle with fresh parmesan cheese or dig right in... That quick and easy. leftovers are good the next day too... I had them for lunch and even shared with a friend, who said it was amazing! :)

Verdict... Delicious... but don't just take my word for it... try it and share what you think... I'll be making this again... Gotta love bacon, cheesy sauce and mmmm pasta... drooling again... not good.... I think I have a problem... Too yummy!*** sorry no pictures, this was eaten and made too fast for pictures. :)

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