Friday, January 7, 2011

French Bread, Cinnamon rolls and Focaccia Bread

I have this amazing friend! Her and I make bread about once a week together. This week I have made bread three times. Once with her and twice on my own. My family can not get enough of this amazing bread. My dear friend got this recipe from a friend of her's who served an LDS Mission in France. She got this recipe from a group of French Monks. They believed that the oil, and salt killed the yeast. This is how to make their bread.

This is my favorite bread recipe. My friend who I lovingly borrowed this recipe from, makes pizza crust and bread loafs out of it. I decided today that I wanted to use this for a few different things, so I decided to make cinnamon rolls and focaccia bread out of it after I made three bread loafs... So here is the recipe. I hope you love it as much as I do!

13-14 cups of Lehi Roller Mills unbleached flour (or other unbleached flour high quality)- in utah can be found at Costco.
2/3 cup oil
2 Tbsp Salt
2 Tbsp dry active yeast (Red Star or SAF)
1/2 cup LDS church Dry Milk or 1 cup regular dry milk
6 cups Hot Water
1 cup sugar

Follow the steps exactly -

This is what we call the science experiment stage.
1. In a large bowl add 6 cups of hot water, dry milk, sugar and yeast. Using a wire whisk, mix the ingredients until the dry milk completely dissolves. Then add in 6 cups of flour whisking until paper mache' consistency. Then cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let rise aprox 1 hour.

2. After risen, sprinkle the salt, and pore the oil on the risen yeast mixture. Then mix incorporating the salt and oil. Then gradually work the mixture adding 2 cups of flour at a time until dough starts to form and gets slightly less sticky... remove dough from the bowl onto floured surface, then continue kneeding the dough adding flour until nice light non sticky dough is formed.

then clean the large bowl from earlier, spray with non stick cooking spray, place dough in prepared bowl, cover with plastic wrap and let rise an hour. punch down... turn over

cover again with plastic wrap and let rise another hour, then punch done, turn over.. recover

then let rise another hour... punch down and then
Shape into bread loafs, rolls, cinnamon rolls, focaccia bread or what ever... cover with plastic wrap,

Let rise until double in size. Then bake in an oven 350F for 27 min for loafs, 18 min for rolls.

Remove from oven, spread melted butter on the tops and enjoy!

Cinnamon rolls

After I had three loafs of bread in the pan, I then divided the remaining dough in half. From one half I rolled out the dough to rectangle and spread melted butter cinnamon, a few dashes of cloves, and brown sugar on it, rolled it up along the length of the dough, then cut it with string into aprox. 1 inch wide rolls. Then I let rise until aprox double in size. Then Baked in the oven 350 for 19 minutes. They came out golden brown, Next I got a premade cream cheese icing, thined it out with milk, and drizzled on top. Will serve these cold tomorrow morning. But will be good warmed. Enjoy! :)

Focaccia Bread

With the other half of the dough I tried to flatten out as best I could on a cookie sheet, that had been drizzled generously with olive oil. As I was flattening the dough, I dug my fingers in to rip the dough with my fingers. Then I let rise til puffy and double in size. I sprinkled with rosemary and garlic seasoning, salt and another drizzling of olive oil. Then Baking in the oven 350F for 20 minutes. Until golden brown.

This should be light and fluffy, and full of yummy flavor. Enjoy warm or cold.

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