Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vegetable Beef Stew

I'm using my slow cooker once again, I'm going to be using it more and more, since my school work is getting more intense and I'm volunteering more at the boys school. Tonight I am making something similar to my beef stew, but a little different. It is smelling delicious. I hope the kids are going to eat it since it's in my 6 qt slow cooker and that's a lot of stew. I maybe donating some beef stew to a family tonight.... hmmm, we'll see.

-family pack beef stew meat
-1 prepackaged veggie medley (found with the salads - mine had cut celery, baby carrots, red onions and a bout 3 red potatoes) - I found this on sale for $.99 so I bought it and it saved me some cutting and time.
-1 pkg dry au ju seasoning mix
-1 pkg dry beefy onion soup mix
-5-6 red skinned potatoes , diced in to bite size pieces
-salt and pepper
-enough water to cover ingredients

First open the pkg of beef stew meat, salt and pepper generously (while still in the package from the store). Next, In a large slow cooker preferably 6 qt, add the beef. Then add in the other ingredients. (with the veggie mix from the store, I just cut the onions a little smaller and didn't use the potatoes - they didn't look too good). Give the mixture a good stir and set it and forget it. If desired... Once it's been cooking 8-10 hours, you can thicken with potato flakes. ( add a little then stir, keep adding to desired consistency).

That's it, done... I'm going to serve this with some pillsbury rolls I bought on sale. This was an easy quick dinner, not a lot of prep or ingredients. Great for a cold day or even a long day. Enjoy :)

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