Thursday, August 6, 2015


Back on May 21, 2015 our baby #4 arrived. Welcome world Andrew Len Clark...

Due to his medical issues, we were delayed coming home. He was almost in the hospital a month after his birth. He barely missed it by 6 days. While he was there, he had two surgeries. One was on his bowels due to a malrotation called a LADDs. The second one was to put in pacer wires on his heart and to put in a shunt and patch.

He has been home almost two months and it's hard to believe so much has happened in his short little life. We are so grateful for the prayers of many.

His current status is amazing baby! Yes we are not done with heart surgeries... but we have been so blessed by such an amazing spirit in this little man. He is thriving. Growing like a weed.

Baby Andy after first Surgery LADDs procedure

 Baby Andy shortly before coming home from the hospital. Baby Andy... HOME! 

Now he's almost 3 months old and he's doing very well...
No NG tube for feeding... and he's growing like a weed. Almost 16 lbs. Next up, grow bigger... Next heart surgery sometime between Sept 2015 and Dec 2015.

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